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Introducing on-demand shipping

Need to get something across town? zShip it.

Your Delivery Matters.

Ship it today. Get it there on time.

Ship it Now or Later

Get your package delivered right away or schedule a delivery time.

Direct Nonstop Delivery

Your package is our driver’s #1 priority.  As soon as we pick it up, it gets delivered! 


Real Time Tracking

From pickup to delivery, track your package in real time.

zShipping is shipping made easy.

Open the zTrip app and select the “zShipping” option from our slider menu.

Step 1

Enter your package’s destination and choose to ship it now or later.

Step 2

Swipe left and select the envelope icon.

Need a ride? Get the zTrip app.

Step 3

If you have any special instructions for your driver, enter them here. If you are ready to ship, select “Book Ride.” 


Step 4

You’re all set! Sit back and relax, we’ve assigned a professional zShipping driver to complete your delivery

Our Shipping Rates.

Low minimum. Fast delivery.

Hassle-Free Shipping.

zShipping provides the best on-demand shipping.

One of our restaurants was so busy they ran out of plates! We used zShipping to get dinnerware from our location to theirs. We didn’t have the manpower to spare, but zShipping did!

Jennifer Leeds

Manager, Lucky's Pizza - Kansas City

I love using zShipping for my t-shirt printing business. I can offer my customers same day shipping for a great price without having to leave my business, since I’m just a one-man shop. Jacob Tinley

Screenprinter, Tinley Tees - Kansas City


Want to drive for zTrip?

We’re looking for hard working people who love to drive and make great money doing it.